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Caffe slasticarna "Pacific"

A blend of elegance and the comfort of the interior of the building at first glance gives pleasure. Urban with modern, woven into the kindness of those who welcome guests with the most beautiful smile, just another indication of what awaits inside: beauty, charm, warmth and love.
All the magic will feel at first taste desserts from our offer.
The warm atmosphere like a flame spreads rapidly and reaching out to all, connected to the thread that stretches away with a good voice is always in one place and just waiting for your arrival, because it worse for you. And right there, you will feel the flame of happiness and love, and at the moment with your loved ones being come to her chambers.
Once you get to where you most like to see, where you are the most respected, where you know best, there will always come. Therefore, welcome to our cafe pastry shop! We are here to provide you with the highest quality service and offer something that you have never seen or tasted.
Caffe slasti?arna Pacific has become a symbol of modern pastry shop, and its reputation has spread rapidly and has become a must for holidays and high levels and atmosphere for every accidental and intentional visitors, and the cult of image in our society.



TC Pacific


Josipa Bana Jelačića 83, Kiseljak

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